About Nadine

Author, Teacher, Mentor, Student, Mother, and once-was-swimmer

Nadine's writing career began at the age of 10 when she started a fantasy novel called "Tom and the Unicorn". It chronicled the adventures of 10-year-old Tom on his quest to save the Island of Dreams from the dreaded Sniggih-Nossam and his army of screechers, and to restore the magic of the Unicorn - the only one with the power to rebuild the Gateway Bridge over the River of Oblivion, reuniting humans with the creatures of myth and legend. Big stuff for a little person.

Alas, the manuscript was lost and it would be many years before Nadine's memoir, "Wobbles - an Olympic Story" would win the IP picks award for Best Creative Non-fiction and be published by IP in 2009.

Since then, Nadine has contributed to "First Time Mum", a collection of stories about first expereinces of motherhood, she has written aricles for the Sydney Morning Herald, and has produced the "Toddler Transitions Series", books to help little children prepare for big changes in their lives.

She is currently working on a picture book, an historical fiction novel based on the lives of her grandmothers, a YA novel, and a series of adventure stories for children who struggle with reading.
Aside from writing, Nadine is a high school teacher, a youth worker and studying a Graduate Diploma in Psychology with a view to expanding her mentoring role with young people to include wellbeing support with a whole-system approach.

She has worked in PR & Marketing and was a sought-after motivational speaker after her international swimming career caught the attention of the media in 1996. She competed at Olympic Games, Commonwheth Games and World Championships over a four year period after overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a broken neck, and as team captain, Nadine found that her life experience gave her plenty to draw from when supporting her teammates. It was this kind of connection that cemented her desire to work in a realm that would allow her to connect with those experiences that people have in common to empower them to experience the extraordinary.

Nadine currently lives in Maitland, in the NSW Hunter Valley with her husband and four young children, their dog, a dozen chooks, a  bunch of green tree frogs hiding in gumboots. One day, she will  harvest fruit and vegetables from her garden and find the time to reconnect with her guitar.